July 24, 2011

How Poetic


mom speaks to me with feathers,
mute tongues,
soft messages prompting my journey,
punctuation under my footstep.

this summer i collected six black feathers
i wondered what sense
came with these announcements.

before leaving for my wife's surgery
i found a blue feather in our evergreen
out of the blue,
a silken promise of open skies.

the purification took place,
Nata had malignancy pared out.

the surgeon cut out my tongue.

i carried my devastation outside of the hospital,
wept over a sewer pipe, broken gestalts,
negotiated with eternity,
smoked a cigarette.
under my foot, a blue feather.

when Nata came out of surgery
she said, "i'm glad i got that off my chest".
i knew we'd be okay.

i told her about the feather,
a mother's reassurances
that there will be blue skies.....

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How Poetic

heaven from pennies

soon after i finished this collection of poetry, i attended a mass in honour of my mother, thirteen years to the day of her death. when it was over i went outside for a cigarette and noticed a penny by my foot. i was astonished by the date; 1983, the year that she died.

heaven from pennies
birds weave through venetian blinds
like musical notes,
symbols of deaf melody fetched
into a soundless place.
the edge of consensus
marks my mind
like the negative arc upon the moon.
is this how precariously i lean
against a formula of anti-depressants
that diffuses the brink,
the staying power
that plagiarizes God?
i smell fragrant wisps
of incarnal knowledge
everything i touch is metaphor,
upon indecipherable tidings
that chant when i look away.
minds are penalized
for not playing the only game in town,
exiled to roam the skull,
a landscape marked by providence
excavated with questions.

driving home
my son
dipped his finger
into the heavens.
at its tip
a star shone,
down his wrist
into his sleeve
through his eyes
             is that the star
             that you gave me dad?
the lake
sound awake
sinking the colour of day
was branded with a streak
of the moon
and evening flickering away.
             i thought it was the one
             nearest the tree
             or was it the one
             that appeared so soon?
the road
falling in front of us
took our time as it fell.
he never said
that giving a star was absurd
and i believed him.

heaven sent
against the earth
upon your back face up
have stolen the glister
from stars.
face down gazing
wonder why they appear
so far-fetched.

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June 24, 2011

Fergus Art Show

Ed is currently exhibiting at INSIGHTS - one of the longest running jurored art exhibitions in Ontario. INSIGHTS features works of art from established and emerging artists from Wellington County and the surrounding five counties and regions.

Click here for further details::  http://www.wcm.on.ca/event-details.php?eid=339&type=norm

June 09, 2011


Every artist has a favourite piece from the body of their work; it is the one work of art that they would never part with. For Ed Kuris, the treasure piece is a painting titled 'Jeremy'.

Ed painted the piece prior to his Son Jeremy's birth. The over-sized canvas hangs in the artists home in a place of prominance and hauntingly highlights a boy with a soft silhouette of Angel wings.

Guelph Jazz Festival

Featured on the Guelph Jazz Festival Poster.